Ghanaian government intends on digitising public services by 2020

The Ghanaian government intends on digitising its public services by 2020, with the aim of achieving 100% paperless and cashless transactions. The West African country also intends to tag every household electronically, including informal settlements, with the aim of eradicating corruption in the country’s public sector. This initiative comes at a very interesting time for the country, with meaningful adoption by the consumer services sector of digital services, which include mobile money, cashless payment solutions, digital remittances and cloud-based services amongst others. Using technology to enhance the transparency and accountability of administrative systems will, in turn, achieve in the short term […]

S4A’s activities improve water access

Solutions 4 Africa (“S4A”), a member of the VinMart Group of Companies, is the leading provider of water infrastructure solutions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (“DRC”). S4A’s two flagship projects shall impact close to 2 million people (roughly 2.5% of the country’s population) who will finally benefit from access to potable water as well as basic sanitation and hygiene facilities. The first project has been contracted by the state water utility, (REGIDESO), to provide potable water to approximately 500,000 residents of Kolwezi. The second, in a rural area close to Mbuji-Mayi, has been contracted by ENABEL (the Belgian Development Agency) […]

Verdant Capital commissioned in October its first survey of investment professionals working for leading Microfinance Investment Vehicles (“MIVs”) investing in Africa.

The survey results support our assertion that growth in senior debt funding available for microfinance/inclusive finance institutions has positively contributed to their growth, but also to the rising leverage levels for the sector as a whole. The key takeaways from the survey: 70% of participants responded that the amount of MIV funding available is growing. This response was consistent for the last and next twelve months prospectively, as well as for funds available to invest globally and also those specifically allocated to Africa. 50% of respondents confirmed that capitalization ratios for their MFI investees are lower than 12-18 month ago […]