The Bank of Ghana has granted Zeepay approval for an outbound money transfers

In May 2024, the Bank of Ghana (the “Central Bank”) granted Zeepay the approval for outbound money transfer to enable its cross-border payments from Ghana to key destinations, including Nigeria, Ivory Coast, the United Kingdom and the United States, in partnership with major global remittance players such as MoneyGram which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Zeepay has a track record of facilitating both inbound and outbound transfers in countries such as Zambia, Barbados, and Ivory Coast. This milestone is creating a good opportunity for Zeepay’s mobile wallet users, such as Nigerian and Ivorian immigrants living in Ghana, to send money to […]

Digital Nomad Visa Launched in South Africa to Attract Skilled Remote Workers

The South African government has officially enacted its digital nomad visa regulations, a significant move geared towards enticing skilled remote workers. This landmark development signals a pivotal stride in the country’s efforts to leverage the potential of the burgeoning digital nomad community. The newly introduced digital nomad visa offers a unique opportunity for foreign professionals to experience an extended stay in South Africa, far beyond the typical duration of a tourist visa. Successful applicants will be able to work remotely for foreign companies while immersing themselves in the diverse and vibrant South African landscape. Under the new regulations, digital nomads […]

Zeepay wins Five Awards at the GITTA Award Ceremony Held in Accra

Zeepay won five fintech awards at the 13th Ghana Information Technology and Telecoms Awards (GITTA) award ceremony, which was held at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra on 7 June 2024, as recognition to Zeepay for its excellence in the fintech sector and its remarkable contribution to industry innovation. The five Fintech awards were Fintech Company of the Year, Emerging Mobile Money Provider of the Year, Fintech Personality of the Year, Fintech Team of the Year, and Best Use of AI in Fintech. These achievements reinforce Zeepay’s dedicated leadership and its commitment to enabling innovation in the fintech sector. GITTA is […]

Verdant Capital Hosted a Women in Finance Networking Breakfast in conjunction with the AVCA Conference that took place in Johannesburg in April 2024

Verdant Capital hosted a Women in Finance Networking Breakfast coinciding with the Africa Venture Capital Association (AVCA) conference, held in Johannesburg for the first time in 20 years. This exclusive breakfast brought together women leaders, finance professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs from across the continent and beyond. Held on the 23rd of April 2024, the networking breakfast drew an impressive array of attendees, including representatives from leading financial institutions, private equity firms, and venture capital funds. The networking breakfast provided a unique platform for women in finance to connect, share experiences, and discuss the challenges and opportunities they face in the industry. Verdant Capital’s initiative to host this event […]

Uganda Ministry of Finance proposes an amendment to the Income Tax Act to exempt income derived from or by private equity or venture capital funds registered and regulated in Uganda

The Ministry of Finance has proposed amending section 21 of the Income Tax Act to exempt income derived from or by private equity (PE) or venture capital (VC) firms in Uganda, regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), from income tax. If approved by the Parliament of Uganda, the proposed amendment will take effect on 1 July 2024. The Ministry of Finance has also proposed an amendment to the Stamp Duty Act to exempt payment of stamp duty on shares acquired by PE or VC capital firms regulated by the CMA. Stamp duty would also be exempted on the transfer of shares by PE or VC […]

Zeepay and MoneyGram Launch Account Deposit Service in Nigeria

Zeepay, a leading African fintech company, has launched an innovative account deposit service in Nigeria in collaboration with MoneyGram. This service aims to enhance financial inclusion by allowing users to deposit money directly into their bank accounts through MoneyGram’s global network. The launch of this service marks a significant milestone in the African fintech landscape. It will provide a seamless and efficient way for Nigerians to receive remittances. This partnership leverages MoneyGram’s extensive network and Zeepay’s robust technology platform, promising to revolutionise the way money is transferred across borders in Africa. Zeepay’s strategic move to introduce the Account Deposit service […]