Verdant Capital Secures Debt Financing of USD 6 million for Tugende, a Leading Ugandan Fintech Leasing Business
Verdant Capital secures USD 6 million of debt funding for a leading Ugandan technology-driven leasing business.
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New opportunities in a changing continent
Verdant Capital is a specialist corporate finance firm with exceptional experience transacting across the African continent. Verdant Capital operates in two segments, Mergers and Acquisitions and Financial Institutions.

Verdant Capital and its partner firm in Morocco are the IMAP partner firms for Africa.


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Hybrid Capital Solutions to Support the Next Phase of Inclusive Growth
In recent years, the Inclusive Financial Institution sector has grown significantly in Africa and elsewhere, driven in part by growth in the global specialist investor base supporting the sector, and in part due to the growth of local debt markets. In Africa, this growth has stretched the equity capital bases of many institutions – and of the sector as a whole – due to the narrow range of equity and equity-like capital sources and instruments available to these institutions.
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