Date: 4 December 2019

S4A’s activities improve water access

Solutions 4 Africa (“S4A”), a member of the VinMart Group of Companies, is the leading provider of water infrastructure solutions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (“DRC”). S4A’s two flagship projects shall impact close to 2 million people (roughly 2.5% of the country’s population) who will finally benefit from access to potable water as well as basic sanitation and hygiene facilities. The first project has been contracted by the state water utility, (REGIDESO), to provide potable water to approximately 500,000 residents of Kolwezi. The second, in a rural area close to Mbuji-Mayi, has been contracted by ENABEL (the Belgian Development Agency) to provide water access to 1.5 million inhabitants. S4A recently completed a water access project in Kakanda, Lualaba province, where two potable water wells were drilled and water pumps installed for the benefit of the local population. The project was sponsored by the Lualaba provincial government. 

Based out of Lubumbashi with a branch in Kinshasa, the company has a country-wide operational footprint and delivers a broad suite of solutions including hydrological and geophysical surveying, aquifer and pump/yield testing, installations of a variety of pumps (mechanical, manual, solar), as well as the construction of tank towers and water treatment plants. Over the past 14 years of its operating history, the company has built a portfolio of reputable clients including international NGOs, local non-profit organisations, industrial and commercial businesses, and leading mining companies. More importantly, the company has forged a strong relationship with communities across the country who have benefited from the significant impact of its work. 

In spite of holding 50% of Africa’s water reserves, only 43% of the country’s population (estimated 82 million) has access to basic water facilities. Furthermore, only 20% of the population has access to basic sanitation. S4A is well-positioned to capture the significant opportunity presented by the growing demand for greater access to water and sanitation from the public and private sectors, driven by cautious optimism in the DRC’s political and economic prospects. This demand will be led by the resumption of foreign aid and donor-funded projects focused on rural infrastructure development, as well as the need for the requisite infrastructure to support rapid urbanisation of the top two cities, Kinshasa and Lubumbashi. 

S4As activities have a demonstrated and measurable impact on improving water access, sanitation, and hygiene in the country. Management, backed by a strong shareholder group, has embarked on a plan to grow the scale of its activities and is raising USD 5 million, for which Verdant Capital is the sole advisor and arranger. The proceeds from the financing shall go towards the acquisition of capital equipment allowing for the execution of projects in remote areas that cannot be accessed with its current fleet of heavy vehicles and machinery. In such rural areas, only 23% of the population have access to basic water access, versus 43% in urban areas.  As part of its long-term growth strategy, S4A will also be moving into the provision of higher value services (e.g., operations and maintenance services) as well as contracting to build larger, longer-term infrastructure projects. The company’s activities shall remain foundational in promoting sustainable and long-term economic development in the DRC.

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