Scaling Up African MFIs

This article is a synopsis of some of the key take-away points from the “Scaling Up African MFIs” panel discussion at European Microfinance Week in Luxembourg on 1 December 2017. The panelists were Soulemane Djobo (Senior Projects, ADA), Gregoire Danel-Fedou (Group COO, Advans Group), Alexandre Nayme (Head of Social Business and Microfinance Africa, BNP Paribas), Eric Campos (CEO, Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation) and Edmund Higenbottam (MD, Verdant Capital). Edmund Higenbottam discussed the importance of the availability of funding for microfinance institutions (“MFIs”) in Africa is largely dependent on the size of the institution. Most investors prefer larger investment sizes and […]

The Future of Financial Services

This article is a synopsis of some of the key take-away points from “The Future of Financial Services” panel discussion at SuperReturn Africa in Cape Town on 5 December 2017 with the following panelists: Chijioke Dozie (CEO, OneFi) and Edmund Higenbottam (MD, Verdant Capital). OneFi is an innovative consumer lender in Nigeria, using technology to underwrite, disburse and collect loans. Edmund and Chijioke expect technology to be the driving force that will shape the future of the financial services industry in Africa. Technology is expected to play a significant role on a strategic level, as well as on an operational […]

Soc Gen Launches YUP

Societe Generale (“Soc Gen”), a multinational French bank (in partnership with Tagpay, a French fintech firm), has launched a new mobile banking app called YUP. YUP has thus far been introduced in Ivory Coast and Senegal, and provides an alternative to traditional banking. The app offers transactional and other financial services, even to those who do not have a bank account. The functionalities of “banking” with YUP include basic transactional services like deposits, withdrawals and money transfer among others. The introduction of more advanced services through the app, like credit advances, is in the pipeline. YUP is already being used by […]