The Impact of Basel III and IFRS 9 on Bank Lending

Much has been written about Basel III and IFRS 9 and their impact on bank lending. It is important to remember that, especially outside South Africa, banks are large lenders to non-bank financial institutions and other financial intermediaries. We estimate that around one-quarter of borrowings by non-bank lenders in Africa, outside South Africa, is sourced from banks. Basel III, and especially higher minimum common equity tier 1 ratios mean the banks have to increase their lending rates (or cut staff costs) to stand still in terms of their return on equity. Equally, banks must either raise equity or reduce their […]

Verdant Capital’s Sale of afb Ghana on behalf of JUMO World Recognised as the Best Financial Services Transaction in Africa 2017

Verdant Capital’s successful sale of afb Ghana on behalf of JUMO World has been awarded the accolade, best financial services transaction in Africa 2017. Full financial details were not disclosed but at the time of sale, afb Ghana had total assets of GHS 97 million (approx. USD 23 million). JUMO World is a leading Africa fintech business, which elected to sell the afb Ghana when it ceased to be core to its operations. The transaction was awarded the accolade in recognition of the breadth of interested generated in the transaction, including from local financial institutions, regional pan-African institutions and private […]

Discovery and TymeDigital set to Launch Digital Banks in South Africa

In September 2015, Discovery announced its intention to launch a bank. Fast-forward two years, and Discovery has obtained a banking licence. Discovery has a track record of achieving success by taking an unconventional approach and differentiating themselves from competition. One can be reasonably certain that this will be the case for Discovery Bank as well. What we know for certain is that the bank will be branchless and target the higher end of the market, i.e. LSM 8 and above. In a similar way to how Discovery Health incentivises people to live a healthy life, it is expected that Discovery […]

IMAP Creating Value, No 3

Creating Value strives to capture what entrepreneurship and leadership in successful companies attempts to achieve: creating value for clients, employees, shareholders, and for society as a whole. This mindset is also what drives our more than 350 M&A advisors, who strive every day to enhance the interests of IMAP clients in more than 35 countries around the globe.