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South Africa


Retail Capital

ZAR 108 M (≈ USD 6.7 M)
Sole Advisor and Arranger

Verdant Capital acted as sole financial advisor and sole arranger to Retail Capital Company website

Verdant Capital raises USD 6.7 million for Retail Capital in South Africa

Retail Capital is the leading and the first Merchant Cash Advance provider in the South African SME market. Retail Capital was incorporated in 2011 in Cape Town and has expanded geographically to Johannesburg and Durban; other cities are served by agents. In 2018, the company acquired First Asset Finance, an asset leasing business to bring an additional diversification into the credit book. The Asset Finance book which is mostly in the medical space has proved to be highly resistant during the covid-19 related lockdowns. The business is evolving into a broader technology- and channel-driven SME lender. As of March 2020, the business has disbursed over ZAR 3 billion (approx. USD 183 million) to date to over 22 000 SMEs.

Verdant Capital has raised ZAR 108 million (approx. USD 6.7 million) for Retail Capital through a bilaterally settled certificated-note. Verdant Capital acted as sole advisor and arranger to Retail Capital.