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Verdant Capital advised the IWC on the sale of Global-woods

Sale of 100% of global-woods, Sole Advisor and Arranger

Verdant Capital advised the IWC on the sale of Global-woods

Global-woods is an established world class plantation asset (national forestry reserve) with highly favourable conditions for Pine and Eucalyptus. Strong economic growth and widespread electrification programs are driving an increasing demand for lumber, panels, transmission poles and other forest products.

Global-woods started its operations in Uganda in 2002, the plantation operation comprises of the Kikonda Central Forest Reserve, located in Kyankwanzi district in Western Uganda. The land is owned by the State of Uganda and administered through the National Forestry Authority (“NFA”).

Currently, the property includes approximately 8 291 ha of planted hectares, the majority of which are Pine plantations (primarily Caribbean pine, Pinus caribeae var. hondurensis) – approx 6 809 ha. The property also experiences excellent growing conditions for Eucalyptus. To date, 1 482 ha have been established with Eucalyptus species (primarily Eucalyptus grandis. hybrid clones) to target the lucrative hardwood pole market.

Since inception, the company has demonstrated a strong commitment to both social development and environmental sustainability, securing the social license to operate and contributing to significant sustainable rural development. Global-woods follows a strategic CSR approach which focuses on mutually beneficial long term relationships integrating environmental, economic and social concerns. It has been running an integrated rural development program in collaboration with SEQUA, GIZ, DANIDA, IDS, Uganda Wildlife Society, Caritas and other parties since 2005. It also supports over 4 000 people through employment opportunities and provides agriculture improvement training, access to safe water, environmental education among others to thousands of locals.