Author: Ollen Machimbirike


Date: 17 January 2017

Peach Payments announces intention to expand into Kenya, Nigeria and Namibia

Peach Payments, a South African fintech start-up recently announced their intention to expand into Kenya, Nigeria and Namibia. The company offers businesses esp SMEs a way to receive payments from customer across platforms without need for an online platform or integration.
In 2016, the company launched a payments solution called “PaySafe” which has already processed over ZAR 1 Billion in transactions and will change how businesses receive payments from customers across the globe.
“Our initial target for Peach Payments was online or mobile merchants wanting to monetise audiences in South Africa. Over 200 South African online merchants are using Peach Payments, including Zando, Spree, Safarinow and Quicket. International merchants are also coming on board.”, said the co-founder of Peach Payments, Rahul Jain.
Peach Payments operates in partnership with Africa’s leading banks including Visa and PayPal which has allowed the company to process millions of transactions for remarkable players.
The company has differentiated itself from other payment platforms by focusing on customer service and being able to work with smaller merchants.

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