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Date: 9 January 2023

Flow Global: A 2022 Inclusive Fintech 50 Winner

Flow Global (“Flow”), a Fintech company that currently provides growth capital solutions to retail merchants in Uganda and Rwanda, was part of the top 50 Fintech companies identified by Inclusive Fintech 50 (IF50) as a rising and promising business that is helping to drive financial inclusion in the world. The typical Flow target customer are retail merchants who offer mobile money services. These are often in need of digital float liquidity to sustain and grow their business, and Flow provides this liquidity in the form of instant digital float advances.

Flow is a trendsetter in terms of providing digital growth financing solutions to mobile money merchants and it has been growing rapidly to meet this market need. The innovative Fintech delivers its tailor-made financing solutions through a blend of “human touch” and the use of its proprietary cutting-edge technology called the Flow Liquidity Engine (“FLE”). The FLE is the centrepiece of Flow’s operations execution a range of operations which include client data analytics, KYC checks, credit scoring & decisioning, risk management, float advance management and portfolio analytics, and digital field force management. The “human touch” element involves face-to-face interactions with clients to build sticky client relationships that are based on trust and real-time understanding of customer needs. 

IF50 is a competition that is held by the Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) with the purpose of identifying/recognising the top 50 early-stage, inclusive Fintechs advancing financial inclusion across the world. It is sponsored by Visa, MetLife Foundation, Jersey Overseas Aid, and Comic Relief and supported by IFC and Accion. Flow faced steep competition from a pool of 257 applicants across 79 countries and with product offerings that include insurance, credit, digital finance infrastructure, payments and remittances, and savings and personal financial management. Ultimately, Flow, together with the other top 50 candidates, were selected by a panel of 35 expert judges based on the innovativeness of their product offering, scalability, traction, ability to reach the underserved market, and value proposition or degree to which they meet customer needs.

Verdant Capital is the sole advisor of Flow Global on its capital-raising efforts. 

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